Our Story

Holistic Tails was founded in Santa Cruz County by a local woman named Michelle, and her dog Ruby Tuesday. Michelle was born in California and raised in the live oak area of Santa Cruz county. The two met in late 2008 when Michelle was looking to adopt a rescue dog from the Santa Cruz spca, and from there, they were inseparable. Michelle and Ruby went everywhere together - school, work, shopping, Pilates, vacations - but Ruby was still not at her best. Ruby was a four year old dachshund-pug mix with really sensitive skin and terrible separation anxiety. After years of struggling to find the right treatments that would benefit Ruby, they had very little luck.

Then, in 2013, Ruby Tuesday began to slow down. She no longer could jump in and out of the car, or run up and down the stairs. Worried that Ruby's quality of life was diminishing, Michelle began a search for something that could help her with the aches, pains and arthritis that came with Ruby’s old age. After trying many over the counter and prescribed remedies, nothing was really working. She began to look into CBD for pets, but couldn’t find a quality product that was actually affordable to give to Ruby Tuesday every day - however after purchasing some and trying it out, the effects were unbelievable, and exactly what they were searching for!

From there they had a mission, to create a line of products that is not only the best CBD product for pets on the market, but actually affordable for everyday use. Michelle worked closely with licensed state certified labs and hemp farms in California and Colorado, where they spent the next three years formulating the perfect recipes for our furry friends. With great success, we were able to create an amazing line of CBD products for dogs, cats and horses, that all come in an affordable 30-day supply, so from our family to yours, we introduce to the world; Holistic Tails.


The Help You Need When You Need It

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