Pet - Radar (dog)

Radar loves his drops from Holistic Tails! He gets 2 doses a day and is a much happier camper!

Pet - Radar (dog)

Santa Cruz, August 22, 2019

Mama got me some Holistic Tails CBD oil tincture (not pictured) and hemp bites, which helped with the pain and made me my usual self for a bit until the next bite. Holistic Tails is based out of Santa Cruz and has the most amount of positive feedback of its effectiveness in pain and/or behavioral management so it went into our basket.

Pet - Matilda (dog)

San Francisco, December 13th, 2019

Thank you for the CBD drops. Loki is doing better. Hasn't had a seizure for over a week. Now he's down to his loading dose .75ml twice a day. Just letting you know so you may be able to help others.

Pet - Loki (dog)

Lafayette, July 17th 2020

My dog really loves your product. She has arthritis in her ankles. She has had it for four years and is only 10. When she doesn’t have the CBD, you can see the difference in her.

Pet - Luckie (dog)

Pleasant Hill, March 18th 2021

My bird is a conure who is completely bald from plucking his feathers. I Spend so much money back and forward to the Veterinarian. With your Holistic Tails Petite CBD drops I see a BIG difference - he stopped plucking his feathers, and they seem to be trying to grow back. I give it to my bird Toby directly in his mouth and he seemed to love it. HONESTLY you guys are better than the Veterinarian. I see a different in my bird with this product.

Pet - Conure (bird)

San Francisco, October 11th 2021
Poppy & Hobbs

My motley crew, shamelessly endorsing their favorite 'medicine', which we lovingly call cronchers. Great product. Great people. Locally made.

Pets - Poppy & Hobbs (dogs)

California, March 15th, 2022

I've been using your CBD bites on my two little dogs & both are doing well on it. It's helping one with her anxiety & the other with pain from an old pelvic injury.

Aptos, May 1st 2022

We got a sample of your cat crackers and our (senior) cats LOVED them!

Ben Lomand, May 30th, 2022
Rooney Dog

Both Rooney the Bulldog and Hopper the cat love your cod products!! Thanks for making such a good product that's helping our fur babies!

Pets - Rooney (dog) & Hopper (cat)

Soquel, July 30th, 2022
Blackie Lawless (dog)

Seriously loving the balm and I'm assuming it feels good too since my pup never really liked his toe beans touched before, but he is letting me massage the balm into his whole paw every night. Before the balm, Dry, grey toe beans, and 24 hours later, after playing all day at school, Still shiny!

Pet - Blackie Lawless (dog)

San Francisco, May 31st 2023

We love your products! Our male Goldendoodle (Finley’s brother, she has been on your product for about 1 year) started having seizures about 3 months ago. We started adding your product to his meal and it has really helped.

Walnut Creek August 25th 2022

Hello, just wanted to say thanks for making such a great product! My pup broke his leg and is on 8 weeks crate rest; the peanut butter cookies are really helping him stay calm & relaxed. Thank you!!!

California, September 25th, 2022

We bought CBD treats for our old chihuahua rescue and it has helped SO MUCH! We were shocked.

Lemoore, October 7th 2022
Golden Puppy

This is my 11 y/o perpetual pup! He takes Holistic Tails CBD several times a day! People think he’s a puppy! Good vibes! Thank you for your awesome product!

California, February 26th 2021

My dog Bodhi has been taking Holistic Tails CBD Drops for medium breed dogs for several months to help with arthritis pain and inflammation. He is now more energetic and active - even running on the beach again. We will be continuing to use this treatment.

Pet - Bodhi

Santa Cruz, November 4th 2019

Tank absolutely loves these treats! I have also seen an increase in appetite which is awesome!

Pet - Tank (dog)

New Jersey, July 17th 2020

My pup does so well on these cookies. She’s a 15 year old golden with pain in her legs. She’s a new dog when she takes your product. Thank you!

California, February 3rd 2021

Our cat, Spike, has cancer that has spread all throughout his body, and we don't have much time with him. However, these last few days have been so much better. He appears to be much more comfortable, and he is jumping up onto things. He's still not eating, but maybe that can change too. Thank you for making such a good product! Now thinking of trying it on our cat, Maggie, who has anxiety issues!

Pets - Spike (dog) & Maggie (cat)

California, July 21st 2021
Samba & Soul

Your remarkable products have changed our lives in a beautiful way. We use it for both pups, and ourselves too. We have tried almost everything out there. Holistic Tails is by far the best and most refined products we've ever experienced. Since discovering Holistic Tails, we have used nothing else, and Samba & Soul are ecstatic!

Pets - Samba & Soul (dogs)

Aptos, January 26th, 2022

My 3 Yorkees love your treats and CBD oil! Never have I seen them go this nuts over cookies lol!

California, February 9th 2022
Majesty Horse

Here are Majesty & Mollie, the two horses that have been receiving your CBD liquid for a few months.

These photos are from June 9th & Majesty has a dull & somewhat shaggy coat (it looks worse in the winter) due to Cushing's disease. He has also become more outgoing & happier since beginning your CBD!

Mollie Horse

Mollie, in the other photo, was terrified of people when she first came to us & has improved, but has done so at a faster rate since she’s been on your CBD. She’s less afraid & happier.

Mollie & Majesty have clear positive results. I am very excited about this product. We will begin adding to Leo's supplement regimen in hopes for more relief from his arthritic pain.

Pets - Majesty & Mollie (horses)

Pregnant Marre Rescue, Corralitos July 5th 2022

We bought your product and gave it to our Goldendoodle yesterday. It worked great! Thanks you for the great product.


California July 5th 2022

I just wanted to let you know that your product is fantastic! We have two labs that get very upset/anxious with fireworks and we used your oil this past weekend and it made a huge difference! They were aware of the fireworks but were able to settle down quickly and drift off to sleep. Just wanted you to know....thank you!

Pets - Lola & Drake (dogs)

California, July 6th 2022

The only CBD treat that I can get Mochi to eat. Absolutely helped with his car ride anxiety! A 1hr car ride went finally smooth thanks to these Peanut butter CBD bites.

Pet - Mochi (dog)

Bay Area, September 19th, 2022

Willie LOVES the oil. I put it directly in his mouth no problem! : )

Pet - Willie (dog)

Santa Cruz, October 8th 2022

In 2018 when you introduced your product, I put my arthritic 13 year old Basset-PitBull, Goblin, on it. Within 2 weeks, he was climbing stairs with overall vitality. I kept him on it until his death at 16 1/2 years. I now have a rescue Pit Bull/Boxer/Mastiff pup. Due to larger breed’s propensity toward hip/bone issues, I started Boomer on CBD drops to prevent and treat this very active adolescent pup with his reactive Boxer jumping and play. I have recommended this product to friends at the Dog Park. I highly recommend this product to all as well…especially those with Older dogs.

Santa Cruz June 9th 2023

I've been using the treats with my dog Willow before a bath. She has a hard time tolerating confined spaces and a few days ago I started using the night before and the morning of the bath. It was night and day at how relaxed she was! I gave her a little extra, 3-4 bones...it was magic!!! We usually have to lift her in the dog wash for me. But that day she JUMPED in on her OWN, not once but twice!! We were joking..."what the hell does Holistic Tails put in their treats!"

Campbell, June 2nd, 2023