Managing Pet Stress Relief with CBD Oil!

Our furry friends can get stressed out just like us. Loud noises, car rides, even a trip to the vet can send them into a tailspin. While traditional calming aids are available, some pet owners are looking for a more natural approach. This is where CBD oil for pet stress relief comes in. But is…

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Does CBD Oil for Hyperactive Dogs Really Work?

Living with a hyperactive dog can feel like a whirlwind. They’re bouncing off the walls, barking at everything, and maybe even chewing on your favorite furniture. It can be exhausting for both you and your pup. Traditional methods for managing hyperactivity often involve training and exercise, but some pet owners are looking for additional support.…

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Why Peanut Butter Might Be a Good Option for Dogs with Stress

Let’s face it, our furry friends can get stressed out just like us. Fireworks, thunderstorms, vet visits – all these things can send your pup into a tailspin. While there are medications and calming aids available, some pet owners prefer a more natural approach. Here at Holistic Tails, we’ve noticed a surge in interest in…

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Itchy Pup? Can Hemp Oil Help Your Dog’s Skin?

Hemp Oil

Does your dog seem to be constantly scratching and itching? Dry, flaky skin can be uncomfortable for your furry friend and frustrating for you. Thankfully, there might be a natural solution: hemp oil for dogs. There are many reasons why a dog might have itchy, irritated skin. Some common causes include: Dry skin Allergies (food…

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Exploring How CBD Might Help Separation Anxiety in Your Pet?


Leaving your furry friend home alone can be a source of worry for many pet owners. Separation anxiety is a common problem in dogs, and witnessing their distress can be heartbreaking. Traditional medications can be effective, but some pet owners are interested in exploring natural alternatives. This is where CBD for dog separation anxiety might…

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